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Other titles Dokkaebi,  Goblin,  Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,  Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin-Dokkaebi,  The Lonely, Shining Goblin
Type Series
Episodes 16
Broadcast date 2016-12-02 to 2017-01-21
Official Website http://program.interest.me/tvn/dokebi
Summary Meet, Kim Shin - a high and mighty immortal goblin who is the official Protector of Souls. Then there's his roommate, Wang Yeo - who just happens to be the Grim Reaper. Together, their job is to escort the dead into the afterlife. Trouble is, Kim Shin is absolutely SICK of immortality and Wang Yeo is an amnesiac. So now Kim Shin is on a bride hunt because the only way to end immortality is for him is to marry a human. But as always, things get very complicated.
Amount of
Drama series
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