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Bel Ami

Other titles Beautiful Guy,  Beautiful Man,  Bel Ami,  Pretty Boy,  Pretty Man,  Yebbeun Namja
Type Series
Episodes 16
Broadcast date 2013-11-20 to 2014-01-09
Official Website http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/belami/
Summary Dokgo Ma Te discovered at a very young age that he is genetically blessed and milks this for all it’s worth. He uses his good looks to gain money, climb up the social ladder, and finally find out who his father is (presumably pretty too?). He meets Hoon Yoo Ra, an ex-heiress who holds the secret to discovering his father’s identity. Yoo Ra challenges him to conquer the hearts of 10 different women if he wants the information. Meanwhile, Kim Bo Tong who’s had a crush on Ma Te ever since high school, aids him in his challenges. Despite himself, Ma Te starts falling for the very ordinary Bo Tong.
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